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Since I don't speak many of these languages, I would very much appreciate a better translation that google gives me. If you speak any of these languages, contact me.

  • (English - click the link which says "Finn Arild" in it) - "... this is really a stand-out album ..."
  • DPRP - (English) - "I was quite impressed with this album"
  • FFM-Rock (German) - "suitable to chill while getting the sun into your living room at the same time"
  • Get Ready to Rock (English) - "a prog-rock Tour de Force of sweeping keyboards, accomplished vocals and stunning guitar throughout"
  • (Italian) - "quite good and enjoyable work"
  • Keys & Chords (Dutch) - "Finn Arild is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, and he proves on "Testament" repeated he effortlessly mastered both disciplines."
  • Metal Glory (German) "... I listen to enjoyable ..." (google translate plays up again)
  • Metal Perspective (English) - "... the standard never drops below impressive and captivating ..."
  • (Italian) - google translate was completely incomprehensible here, but I think they liked it. Could anyone help me translate?
  • Movimentiprog (Italian) - " a valuable new product that will fascinate lovers of prog genre"
  • Music Scan (German) - "If you like prog, give this a chance"
  • New Reviews (English) - "Much like a diary of events, it documents emotions into over sixty minutes of finely tuned art."
  • Progressive Area (French) - "... the work "Genesis" that spans more than sixteen minutes, which is my preference (of course) is just beautiful !!!!!!"
  • (Swiss) - "Some songs like All Right, Alive and excess points also with suspicious catchy choruses." (gotta love google translate)
  • Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal (Brazil) -  Finn Arild is really a talented musician, and if you are a huge fan of "Genesis" and derivatives, you should check his new album "Testament" (Scroll down to view review).
  • Progressive Rock Online (Japanese) - "sound is fantastic and is a fan of Scandinavian unbearable masterpiece!" (again google translate comes up with a humorous result, but this was almost the only understandable. I would love a translation of this one, anyone?)
  • Progressive Waves (French) - "Tout simplement magnifique."
  • RockUnitedReviews (English) - "over 60 minutes of non-stop listening experience, no pauses included and the work of an dedicated and determined man"
  • Scream Magazine (Norwegian - paper only) - "An incredible start to the prog-year of 2011"
  • Sea of Tranquility (English) - "a finely crafted album filled with great melodies and fine musicianship"
  • Skrutt (Swedish - with eng. translation) - "surely really skilful"
  • Tarkus (Norwegian) - "hederlig stykke arbeid"
  • Zero Day Rock (English) - "Finn Arild has come out with a little gem in Testament."