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For all the times I have had what I could get,
and all the times I have thrown it away again -
I feed upon myself.
Our greed is our deed;

first from our brothers who had none,
then from the land upon which we were born.
In time will we learn?
In time or we'll burn.

We never know the fall
so what we can we do it in excess.
Even if we have it all
in abundance we destroy it with excess.

After all we're not nearly that great at all.
From nature we're born, to nature we'll fall;
a law beyond us.
A weed it doesn't need

will be cut down to size all by itself,
and we're just another weed on the shelf.

Nothing ever grows into the skies
it lives, then it dies.

So now we know the fall
can we start to do without excess
'cos we already have it all
so let us not destroy it with excess