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We spin round and round
in a thousand miles an hour
Both you and me
the tree, the bee and flower

Then around the sun
we ride upon our steed
a hundred thousand klicks
our orbituary speed

Forty thousand billion
away from our neigbour
This sancturary, this prison
This home, in a blur

And on our ride among the stars
(will there be time)
a time we occupy with fighting and with wars
Between our coming and our fall
(will there be time)
Will there be time to find a meaning to it all

Five hundred miles an hour
Now the numbers do get large
It's the speed around
our island made of stars

Then everything again
at two million kilometers an hour
The current effect of the
big bang surplus power

Twenty-five thousand light
years from our neighbour
This sanctuary, this prison
this home, in a blur

(the numbers are averaged somewhat for lyrical and practical reasons, but in essence correct)