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Love or hate

Music and lyrics: Finn Arild

Eye for eye, beat for beat.
Tensions they grow,
and with a blow fate is met for you.

Violent woe form the deed.
Reaction not thought,
behaviour taught in a different hell.

Chaos rule, there is gore.
Eyes lit with fear,
action like deer when the shot has gone.

Afterlife, aftermath.
The one that you loved,
waits now for someone
who’ll never come.

You weren’t meant to go
or to be next in line.
Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Just in time to turn love to hate.

Turn love into hate.

Far away, some time ago,
terrible deeds
done with no heed to the scars it left.

We are not all alone.
Actions beyond,
like ripples in a pond,
they go everywhere.

They say what goes around,
comes around.
Hate sent off comes back on rebound.
Instead we must turn hate to love.

Turn hate into love.

Finn Arild: Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and programming.

Based on a tragic murder manifested from a war another place on our planet.