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Music: Finn Arild

Lyrics: Finn Arild/Elin H. Aasheim

I hide
from what I really feel,
from truth I know to be,
I hide from you.

We hide
all that will make us weak.
But I know a man
who is to us quite strange.

He’s as open as a book,
he cries when he is sad,
he laughs when he is glad,
he shouts when he is mad.

But we - can’t tolerate such candor,
we bury it in slander
and hide him out of way.

The mind
is more than our memory,
or ingenuity.
It can get ill.

If we hide
all that we really feel.
There is so much we could learn
from the child.

It is open as a book,
it cries when it is sad,
it laughs when it is glad,
it shouts when it is mad.

But this is never in due season,
we bury it in reason. Sickness can begin.

Finn Arild: Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and programming.