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Working those fingers

by FinnArild — last modified Jan 21, 2010 10:01 PM

It's been a while since I did some serious bends on the guitar, so these days I am preparing my fingers a bit for a recording session for the missing solos sometime next week. I also packed up my Hagstrøm Viking for the first time since I got back into my home studio again.

Coming Saturday a friend of mine will come and help me get some shelves up in the studio, and then I can finally get my guitars up on the walls. The previous week I made 2 neat racks from some IKEA nightstands and set up the computer in a holder (also from IKEA - as most of the other studio furniture) to get it off the floor. All in all it's getting to be a really nice home studio! When the guitars are up next week, I'll have a picture taken (there's only one photograph in this house) and show you all.

Also, you'll be able to follow the recording and mixing progress directly in the tool I have started to use for handling the project: Redmine.

Here is the link to the tracker: - currently it contains the missing recordings, but it will also contain the mixing progress and the countless other tasks involving an album release.