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Back again

by admin — last modified Apr 06, 2007 02:54 PM

Some time since I wrote a blog entry now - I've been very busy both at work and doing music projects, so the blog has suffered I'm afraid.

Most recently, CDBaby and MySpace has made a deal so I now sell my CD through MySpace's webshop Snowcap. I have set up a shop right here on my frontpage and there is also (of course) one on my MySpace page.

Bonden's CD Traktorspor has been released and did quite well, considering he's a debut artist. He'll be doing some shows during the summer - if you're interested it will be up on his frontpage.

I have gotten many comments around why I publish Bonden in that our music styles differ so much. Truth is, even though my core is in progressive rock, I make music in all styles; classical, progressive, heavy, electronica, pop and folk (only thing I haven't done yet is rap - not for wanting, but it's so hard to do good). Many people are so concerned about the genre they like so they miss out on so much great music and I think that is sad.

Currently I'm working on orchestrating, arranging and doing vocals on a childrens record/book - I'll set up some more information about this later.