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by admin — last modified Oct 09, 2004 10:00 PM

There - a rudimentary blog system is set up.I will try to post information about my different music projects as often as possible.

Right now, as you may or may not know, I am finishing a backlog of 12 songs which I have written for the past two years. Several other stuff is in the pipeline but I want to spend some time getting a good record deal with this before I venture onto more recordings (thus building up another backlog of songs, but hey: luxury problem :-)

Anyway - apart from setting up this website today and blog today, I burned the almost-final master on CD today and got a good listening in the living room. I think it really sounds good now (I'll see if I can get some example-mp3's up soon) - good seperation and a balanced sound.

Elin (that's my wife) will do some backing vocals on "Over the mountains" (I'll see if I can get a songlist up here soon ...) and Maja Neraas will come in on Tuesday to do "Nightly Encounters" - and then the recordings are all done!

Well, ok - I'll try to make this blog visible on my main pages, and then I'll see if I can add some more content to this web.