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A year is soon over

by admin — last modified Dec 30, 2006 08:04 PM

So this year is soon over - a year in which I finally got Serendipity released and in the shops in Norway and a year with lots of work with the album we're releasing in January. I promised you views of the cover and the new web: go to and check it out. A preview of the first new video is available on YouTube - funny stuff (especially if you understand Norwegian).

My new toyFrom my wife I got a neat new drum-toy for Christmas - I've been drumming a lot :)

So - to my plans for the next year - in short:

  • Release Bonden's "Traktorspor" and promote it well.
  • Get a band together for "Serendipity" and my new progressive material
  • Finish writing and recording my next album for release in 2008
  • Get my wife's webpages up and webpages for the family.

That's the plan, now it's all up to me and 2007

Happy New Year everybody!!!