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Jun 12, 2007

Summer is here

by admin — last modified Jun 12, 2007 09:22 PM

Since last time we have had lots of cold and rainy weather here in Norway, but now, at last, summer has arrived. I have spent a lot of time outdoors in the sun with a beer in my hand, but in-between I have been working on the following projects:

Children's record "Alvin & Trollet"
I did some background vocals and orchestration for this book-with-music and it is due to be released one of these days. I can't wait to get my copy, since this is one of the first times I have delivered a small part to a project and not followed it through to the end.

Website "Hans Petter's Orkester"
A band that has been around for all my life and then some. Coming from the place I grew up and having worked with my producer, they asked if I could set up a new website for them. Of course I could.

Video "Coconut Banana" with Bonden
We filmed this totally on bluescreen, since I had an idea on placing the characters inside children's paintings. The producers' children was put to work and later I have been putting it all together. Soon finished now, I'll post a link when it's done.

Also, at my day-job we have been busy moving our portal over to a cluster hosted by another company - a lot of work it was!


Finally: Check out my new guitar:

... until next time ...