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Dec 30, 2006

A year is soon over

by admin — last modified Dec 30, 2006 08:04 PM

So this year is soon over - a year in which I finally got Serendipity released and in the shops in Norway and a year with lots of work with the album we're releasing in January. I promised you views of the cover and the new web: go to and check it out. A preview of the first new video is available on YouTube - funny stuff (especially if you understand Norwegian).

My new toyFrom my wife I got a neat new drum-toy for Christmas - I've been drumming a lot :)

So - to my plans for the next year - in short:

  • Release Bonden's "Traktorspor" and promote it well.
  • Get a band together for "Serendipity" and my new progressive material
  • Finish writing and recording my next album for release in 2008
  • Get my wife's webpages up and webpages for the family.

That's the plan, now it's all up to me and 2007

Happy New Year everybody!!!

Dec 19, 2006

Soon Christmas

by admin — last modified Dec 19, 2006 04:04 PM

So - a day late on the blog again - not that bad really, considering the other breaks I've had. Anyhu: Lots of work with the Bonden video, websites and promotion campaign last week. These things are much more work than you should think! As soon as I've populated Bonden's web with some content I'll link it up so you can see how cool it has become.

Bonden's CD "Traktorspor" also has arrived, the printing went well - kudos to Sonopress and Lydmuren for effective handling of the order.

Next week (after Christmas) I'll be able to show you both the cover, the new Bonden video and Bonden's website. Keep watching this space!

Dec 11, 2006

More radio

by admin — last modified Dec 11, 2006 05:33 PM

First of all - I'll be featured on the top 20 of Jubal's Wardrobe on Progressive Soundscapes Radio today (Monday 11. Dec) at 19:00 EST (US Eastern Standard Time). There's a chat feature there too (for IRC users it's channel #progressivesoundscapes) where I'll be online for a chat.

They will also be giving away a free Live Yes DVD to one of the chat attendees!

So - last week was all about Bonden - getting the cover art all done and in the weekend editing video for 20 odd hours. I also got started on his webpages, so I've been effective :) ...

Now I need to find some time to make this year's christmas song :) ...

Dec 04, 2006

Website finally up

by admin — last modified Dec 04, 2006 06:15 PM

So - there was a bit of trouble with the DNS (Domain Name Server - the stuff that makes go to this machine) but now it looks like my webpages are up. Last week was spent fixing up this site (including wondering why it didn't show up soon) and the cover for Bonden - I'll post images of it soon.

This week I will start editing Bonden's video and see about getting the CD to the printers. Maybe I'll get to fixing up his webpages too. Until next week, then ...

Finn Arild :) ...