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Oct 30, 2005

New web system

by admin — last modified Oct 30, 2005 11:00 PM

I have set up Drupal as my new Content Management System (CMS). Now I can edit contents online and that will hopefully result in a more active blog and more frequently updated pages.

As soon as the CD has come from the printing I will put up some previews for you - you can see how the cover will look like on the new discography page.

The Serendipity master is now done and I am waiting for some details to be nailed down with my publisher (I will come back to that when the deal is done) before I send it off to printing. Lately I have been working with this website, making some new music - and planning the production of Traktorspor with Bonden - a Norwegian artist I have signed together with Tor Øyvind Quille.

Oct 12, 2005


by admin — last modified Oct 12, 2005 10:00 PM

So - I went out this morning and came back with the master listening copy of my album. The mastering was done by Fridtjof A. Lindeman at Lydmuren in Oslo.

Last weeks we've been busy mixing. I'll listen to the results this weekend, but I can already say that this album is everything I hoped it would be and more. However many copies I'll sell, it's something I'm proud of.

As soon as the producer and I have passed the master I'll put out some previews for you to listen to. Keep watching this space!