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Jun 30, 2005


by admin — last modified Jun 30, 2005 10:00 PM

So - we packed roughly 140 envelopes with promo CDs of "Take Two and Call Me in the Morning" and went to the postoffice thinking it would be a simple task to get them sent. But no - Norwegian Postal Services don't provide such service as actually get the envelopes stamped. We had to buy stamps and put them on ourselves.

Funny thing is: this is exactly what Take Two and Call Me in the Morning is about - how the drive for profit results in poorer service. Only it's more dramatic with hospitals.

Jun 29, 2005

Busy days

by admin — last modified Jun 29, 2005 10:00 PM

Some of you might have picked up on the Qt 4 Release Song I put together. There's a video too, which I have no credit for apart from appearing in it (I am the first one to run in from the right in the "group dance" :)

I also got the promo CDs yesterday and they will be sent out to Norwegian radio stations during this and next week (we pack it all ourselves, so it will take some time).

The single is uploaded to iTunes, and will be available within a couple of weeks.

Jun 26, 2005

iTunes sells Finn Arild Music

by admin — last modified Jun 26, 2005 10:00 PM

My music will shortly be available on iTunes - the first song being available for sale is my radio single: "Take Two and Call Me in the Morning". Later this year my album "Serendipity" will also be available, both on iTunes and on CD. As soon as I get time, I will come back with more info around the single release.

Jun 22, 2005

Final Mix - First Radio Single

by admin — last modified Jun 22, 2005 10:00 PM

So - final mix on the radio single is done. It's going in for remastering at Lydmuren and printing next Tuesday. If you live in Norway, you should hear it on the radio by the week after that. This single: "Take Two and Call Me in the Morning" has turned out just great. My producer Tor Øyvind Quillehas really put his best mark on this one.

I am still waiting for the final agreement with a leading digital music distribution company, upon which time you will be able to buy it online.

Jun 18, 2005

Video shoot done

by admin — last modified Jun 18, 2005 10:00 PM

It's been a 12 hour workday, but now all the shots for the video is wrapped. I'm too tired now to write much more about it than to say everything went beyond my (and anybody elses) expectations. Pictures will come.

Thank you Elin, Toril, Eirik, Mike, Anita, Paul, Thea, Silje, Ann Sofie, Tessi, Espen, Marius, Helen and Helen's husband (whose name I can't remember right now) for spending your Sunday unpaid for this video shoot. You were all great actors and made this a great music video.

Jun 14, 2005

First Video Shoot

by admin — last modified Jun 14, 2005 10:00 PM

Yesterday was a long day. We started off in the morning to inspect the site of the shoot Sunday. Looking very good - just like a hospital. Then I was off to get the costumes. 5 nurses and 3 doctors :) ...

In the evening we did the first video shoot. This was the "mirror scene" - a scene where the tired nurse is talking to herself in the mirror. We put black plastic in front of all windows and got a very dark room. Then we had the nurse (which turned out to be quite an actress) in a chair in front of the mirror with a spot on. The result was a very nice shot of only the nurse and the mirror.

Jun 10, 2005

Making Lists

by admin — last modified Jun 10, 2005 10:00 PM

Another time-consuming job is making lists to radio and media for sending and plugging the single when it's released. The single will be sent to around 100 radio stations in Norway, and I have to check them all for fitness before I send them anything. There's no use sending the single to an all-classical radio station, for example.

The script and plans for the video shoot are also coming along fine. The shoot will be Sunday 19. June on a training post for nurses here in Oslo. I still need extras, if you're available that day.

Jun 07, 2005

Writing Script

by admin — last modified Jun 07, 2005 10:00 PM

Script should now be pretty much done. Now comes the work of getting the locations and getting all the people together at the same time.

Meanwhile, my producer is mixing the single which is due for release with the video.

Today we also did a video shoot for my day-job Trolltech for a promo product-release song I have done for them. Pretty cool - I will link it up as soon as the product is released.

Jun 03, 2005

New blog-editor

by admin — last modified Jun 03, 2005 10:00 PM

So - that's what I've been doing today. Web developer Kevin Roth has made this excellent javascript editor called RTE which is just great. I'll use that to add a comment section for my blogs.It's much easier for me to add content now that I don't have to type tags for everything anymore - and I can easily do formatting, color and images.