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Sonic Sight's debut album Anthropology is a Progressive Rock concept album made with the meticulous care, fiery inspiration and total lack of respect for convention the genre deserves.

With Anthropology the theme is set for USA, some time in the future. An economic bubble of unprecedented proportions bursts, and civil war breaks out. Adam - our main protagonist, becomes a refugee when he escapes from the war to India.

- "I was inspired by the refugee crisis in Europe and had an idea to turn the perspective around," says Finn Arild. "Putting a typical western character in this situation, puts the suffering these people are going through in another light. Then I had to add some more to the story, of course - stuff happens when Adam arrives in India that probably don't happen to most refugees".

The music can be described as ... well - Progressive Rock Music - meaning; a journey through different styles and moods, rich on creativity, humor and not much respect for genre format conventions. If you are familiar with the genre, you might recognize some influence from old-school symphonic rockers like Genesis and Yes as well as more contemporary neo-prog.

Finn Arild albums


Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and composer Finn Arild takes a big bite on his second album. This time it is nothing less than an epic progressive rock concept album telling the creation of the universe, life and - almost everything. The answer is not 42, but over 60 minutes of non-stop listening experience - no pauses included.

After finishing his art-rock debut album Serendipity, Finn Arild wanted to create something that would really honour his progressive rock roots. The album, which has taken five years to perfect, covers the modern story of the creation of the universe starting with the Big Bang, the creation of stars and planets, the emergence of life on planet earth - and the human race - discussing the mark we put on the world.

Testament features the seasoned Stockholm based drummer Mikael Wikman who recorded all the tracks in his Stockholm drumstudio in online cooperation with Finn Arild. Also featured is his old friend Reidar Wiik doing some excellent piano work and tasteful background vocals of Finn Arilds wife Elin. Testament is thoughtfully written, elaborately produced and skillfully mixed by Finn Arild in his Oslo based home studio.

- “An incredible start to the prog-year of 2011” says Scream Magazine. - “On Testament Finn Arild is truly revealed as a prog-artist where inspirations from Genesis a-la “Wind and Wuthering”, Eloy and Pendragon comes to mind when I listen to this beautiful Album.”

- "I honestly can't do it justice with a review." says Keith Ling on Progressive Ears - "It is my favorite album of 2011 so far. I can't recommend it highly enough."


Finn Arilds solo debut album was underway for almost two years. Here's Finn Arild telling the story:

"It all started off in January 2004 as SimpelTen, the band and writing collective I was a part of, really hadn't done any major work since our last demo. Also, my songwriting partner for almost twenty years, Reidar Wiik was getting married and preparing to start a family. I decided to take the material I had written so far and start on a solo project. I wanted the result to be on the progressive side rather than mainstream.

"By autumn 2004 my demo was finished and I started going around to the record companies with it. This being just before Christmas nothing came out of it. I also read up on what royalties I could expect and by January I had more or less decided to go at it myself. A peripheral friend of me and Reidar - Tor Øyvind Quille had a well equipped studio and I contacted him and asked him if he would be willing to produce the record on speculation in royalties.

"He agreed and got started with a demo of "Take Two and Call Me in the Morning" so I could hear what he was capable of. I was impressed by the result and we signed a contract for the album.

"We first recorded the single "Take Two and Call Me in the Morning" which was made available on iTunes and aired on most Norwegian local radios. The rest of my album was arranged and recorded during the summer and mixed autumn 2005."