Finn Arild & Sonic Sight

Plus SimpelTen and other projects

One day in the 1980s - I don't think any of us remember the exact date - but it was probably the summer, and it might have been 1984 - Finn Arild and Reidar met and discovered they both liked the same kind of music.

This was the year Reidar had pretty recently got hold of a keyboard, more like an organ really - but with very up-to-date sounds - and Finn Arild had gotten an electric guitar and a 10w Peavey amp for his birthday. Half a lifetime later we still make music, and occasionally - when we finally finish something - release it out to the public.

These webpages are about us - and since we've long given up any real commercial success, the tone will be light and informal - and the content likely very infrequently updated. But we do plan to tell some stories and release some of our so far un-released backlog - so do keep watching this space.

The music is available on all music services, you can see the Spotify player to the right here - and if you want to own a CD this is available for purchase on Amazon:

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